Casual Play

Since the SLING-WHEEL can be purchased at wholesale in quantities as small as ten units, it is perfect for use as a wholesome, high energy group activity for ages 6 to 86. The SLING-WHEEL can liven up birthday parties, family reunions, picnics, and office parties, etc. The SLING-WHEEL is perfect for church youth and adult groups. The youth from one church may challenge the youth from a neighboring church to some friendly Slinging competitions. Or they may challenge the adults in their own congregation. Boy Scout troops and similar groups can compete locally as well as regionally. Raging Wheels has developed several standardized competitions that work great for groups like these. Raging Wheels will provide information about these competitions on request.

There are many forms of play that the Sling-Wheel can be engaged in. Natural hills and bumps make for spectacular jumping action. Jumps can be designed and built from materials found around the house or neighborhood. The Sling-Wheel can be jumped into a basket or box to score. It may be used to knock down cardboard figures of soldiers or big game animals, etc. Lay down a Hula Hoop 50 yards away and see who can come closest to getting the Sling-Wheel into the circle. The possibilities for creative play are endless.


The most popular game for people ages 6-86 is one we call Slinging.  Slinging is like Disk Golf. Two or more players take their Sling-Wheels to a local park, green belt, or campus. One person in the group is chosen to call out a two or three-point course to Sling the Sling-Wheels through. For example; counterclockwise around the large maple tree, then over the hedge and clockwise around fountain, finally ending at the flagpole base in front of the student union building. The course can be played in turn like golf or on the run. Instead of flying through the course as in disk golf, the Sling-Wheel rolls through the course by a succession of consecutive launches. When launched on a grass surface the toy will travel from 150 to 200 feet. When desired, the Sling-Wheel can be launched at high angles to clear obstacles like hedges and retaining walls, etc. With practice it is also possible to make the SLING-WHEEL curve around obstacles in the chosen course. The winner of each game gets to call out the next course. Individuals can play in the same park setting dozens of times and never play the same course twice.